Twitch streamer Lacari, was declared the winner of Camp Knut after receiving a sea of support from viewers. The Twitch star even shared a before-and-after photo on his official Twitter account, showcasing his extremely toned physique as a result of the 30-day journey.

The month-long fitness challenge-cum-journey known as Camp Knut, which encouraged many streamers and participants to lead active lifestyles, has now come to an end.

Knut Spildrejorde, a Norwegian bodybuilder and Twitch fitness enthusiast, and Mizkif, a co-founder of One True King, hosted the fitness program.

Unquestionably, Camp Knut was one of Twitch’s most popular fitness initiatives, drawing a sizable audience to livestreams. The 30-day program, which brought together different streamers from the community, has shown to be a difficult but successful endeavor for all the participants, but as Day 30 came around, the challenge also ended, and it was time to choose a winner.

The winner of Camp Knut was Twitch streamer Lacari after received an astounding 48% of the vote from viewers. The streamer even shared a photo of his transformation on Twitter, which sparked a barrage of comments from viewers.

Asmongold and Knut soon after gave Lacari the prestigious trophy and a gold medal. The astounding number of votes received by Lacari was further disclosed by the Norwegian streamer.

The American streamer thanked his fans for their love and support after accepting the trophy.

The closing ceremony was well received by viewers, as was to be expected. The award show was then recorded and posted on various social media sites. In that respect, the YouTube stream in particular was able to garner 7.5k views in a short period of time.

Camp Knut has ended after 30 days of intense workouts, mayhem, drama, and memorable moments. With a little assistance from Icelandic actor and strongman Hafór Jlus “Thor” Björnson, Mizik is already making plans to organize yet another fitness expedition.