After being kicked out of the $100,000 ReadyUp Invitational tournament, Twitch streamer Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre accused Nick Bunyun and Tiffae of cheating.

Although the $100,000 ReadyUp Invitational CSGO tournament is still going strong, there has already been a lot of controversies. In spite of being on different teams, Twitch streamers Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre and Gale Adelaide were accused of cheating by other players, who said they gave each other high point kills so they could move up the rankings.

Kephrii is now alleging that fellow CSGO players Nick Bunyun and Tiffae were also “teaming” after he and Adelaide were eliminated from the competition.

Kephrii started watching videos of other CSGO competitors after being kicked out of the ReadyUp Invitational amid his own accusations of cheating. In response, Jake Lucky, a co-founder of Full Squad Gaming, stated that Kephrii was asserting that staff members from the event had even participated in the competition to stand in for him after he was eliminated.

In his own response to Lucky’s tweet, Kephrii elaborated, saying there are countless examples, but I won’t be taken seriously because they accused Gale and me first.

The Twitch streamer claimed that CSGO player Tiffae had abused the point system by teaming up with other players during the competition after closely examining her video. Kephrii made a note of the fact that Tiffae recently disabled clips on her channel due to the uproar.

The ReadyUp tournament’s affiliate, Heaven Media, has issued a statement that does not explicitly mention any players. The statement does, however, note that this removal was caused by an environment that had grown increasingly hostile as a result of the accusations rather than directly related to the alleged “cheating.”

Jake Lucky is adamant that the event’s hosts and the TO need to respond, but it is unclear whether specific action will be taken in regard to Tiffae and Bunyun.

Everyone is being accused of everything, and nobody is coming out looking good.