Knut, a Twitch streamer and competitive bodybuilder, has been barred from the site for the fourth time, and his two-day suspension is attributed to a DMCA violation.

On Twitch, Knut has been a prominent figure in both his own stream and on other creators’ channels. Tens of thousands of fans assemble to watch video game streams and other entertainment, similar to how many other online creators do. Although broadcasting of video games is common, Knut’s popularity has increased thanks to his performances at Camp Knut. Especially streams from the summer and fall of 2022, before the dispute involving OTK writers like Mizkif and Rich Campbell became public. 

The bodybuilder is currently embroiled in his own issue as a result of his fourth Twitch suspension. This time, a DMCA infringement led to his being banned. Unknown as of yet, a DMCA strike will result in a takedown notice for anyone attempting to access Knut’s Twitch channel.

Fans of the Norwegian streamer won’t have to wait long for his return to regularly scheduled content, despite the fact that some bans are severe and require streamers to leave the site for an extended length of time. Knut affirms that his suspension from the platform would remain for two days in response to a post from fellow streamer Strippin.

While this suspension is undoubtedly brief in compared to some others that are imposed on broadcasters, Knut isn’t looking forward to the supposed “vacation” Same Thorne suggests. The response from Knut is “2 days off will be hard:(.”