Top Twitch streamer Kai Cenat made a joke with Kick during one of his streams by adding the color green, the emblematic hue of the service.

For some time, there have been rumors that Kai Cenat would switch from Kick. Adin Ross, one of Kick’s biggest supporters, and he frequently talk about the move, and when Kai was temporarily suspended from Twitch last month, things started looking much brighter on the competing network. Kai recently dared Twitch to ban him once more but hasn’t confirmed or denied any plans to act. However, from the way he leaned into the rumor during one of his streams, it appears that he is amusing himself with it. Kai teased a prospective surprise at the start of the stream by asking, “I know that y’all see that green in my title, right?”

He then waited a few seconds for the tension to build before releasing it by yelling, “That green is for f*cking Minecraft!” Kick found the humor in the situation and posted the video to its official Twitter account with the message, “Don’t do this to me, KaiCenat.”

As securing one of Twitch’s top talent would be a huge victory for the platform trying to compete in the same space, Kick has frequently made an effort to win over Kai Cenat. After Kai was banned from Twitch, they defended him on Twitter and sent him custom shoes that were superior to Twitch’s.

Nobody can yet predict whether Kai will jump, though. Twitch is still a major player in the streaming market, so switching to a less reliable option would be perilous for someone of his stature.