Penta, a well-known Grand Theft Auto RP Twitch streamer, is leaving the NoPixel server and accusing the staff of ignoring harassment as he leaves.

Penta has been at the center of growing controversy connected to the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto RP group after receiving a brief suspension for unrelated reasons this past week. A rift developed between Koil, the server owner, and Penta, some NoPixel gamers, and it’s unlikely that it will be repaired very soon. Penta was momentarily barred from the NoPixel server almost a week ago. Although the reasons behind the ban are unclear, it is claimed that they have to do with “power gaming,” or gaining an advantage in a way that goes against the game’s emphasis on roleplay.

In any case, despite the ban’s briefness, it sparked a lot of criticism from some people. One such instance is Koil, who claims that despite not banning Penta this time, he has previously advocated for its banning. Additionally, Koil said some things that Penta took extremely personally.

Penta instantly announced on Twitter that he was going to “check out some other servers” after being banned from NoPixel. However, it was Koil’s remarks and a general outburst of annoyance with NoPixel that made the Twitch streamer realize it might be time to move on. How can I participate there? Penta recently declared, “I’m out. I believe I’m finished there. In a later expletive-filled tirade, Penta referred to Koil as “pathetic” and said that his “whole existence is just gambling CS:GO crates and talking **** about me.” 

Additionally, Koil’s oversight of the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto RP server was the subject of some serious accusations from Penta. He claimed that Koil would punish people for actions for which he himself had never been banned. 

He continued by making remarks about Koil and the server that minimized the gravity of the accusations made against the suspended NoPixel player and streamer RatedEpicz. Let’s just say that things have gotten pretty complicated. Penta has one more thing to say on the matter that is getting more attention.

The other NoPixel admins received a comment from Penta, who said, “I seriously hope you wake up and realize what you’re enabling.”

Although he may be specifically referring to Koil’s frequently contentious server management, the context of RatedEpicz’s alleged abuse may suggest Penta is asserting NoPixel is facilitating more widespread abuse. 

Clearly, Penta and Koil are exchanging some very serious accusations in their back-and-forth. However, some Grand Theft Auto RP players think this is just a small dispute between two well-known streamers hoping to escalate into something bigger. Both the accusations against RatedEpicz and the assertions that NoPixel admins are disregarding abuse need to be taken seriously.

It’s not entirely clear, though, if Penta is leaving NoPixel as a result of those accusations or simply because Koil banned and ridiculed him.