In a video response to the viral film of popular YouTuber Fousey uttering a racist slur while rapping along to a J Cole song, Kai Cenat expresses confusion by the creator’s apparent outrage.

Earlier in August, Fousey became famous for a video from his Twitch subathon in which he uttered the racial slur “love yourz” while singing along to J. Cole. He then punched his bed out of rage and hastily tried to explain that he never uses that term. He yelled at the camera, “I never use that word, I swear to f**king God, this isn’t content! I never use that f**king word. I’ve listened to rap songs every day on this subathon, and I always change it out for ‘brother.’”

He continued by writing on social media, “I could not be more ashamed or upset with myself. I am deeply sorry. This doesn’t represent my character. I literally tweeted two weeks ago against the usage of the word. I will do better. No question.” 

On his own Twitch stream, Kai watched the video and couldn’t help but seem perplexed the entire time. He repeatedly viewed the video, awkwardly giggling at the response and appearing a little perplexed, before finally saying, “Wait, relax… Isn’t he black?” 

He continued by saying that he knows several Middle Easterners in New York who use the term casually and claimed that they “get the pass” from him. While it is clear that Fousey himself isn’t thrilled about it and won’t be caught using the word again, whether he has the “pass” from Kai or not, he reassured Fousey by saying, “you good.”