Adin Ross, a controversial Kick personality, made the decision to rate different well-known streamers and content makers during a livestream on August 6, 2023.

Adin Ross assigned 41 Twitch, YouTube, and Kick broadcasters to the remaining six groups while placing the majority of content producers in the “Don’t watch/don’t know” category. The Florida native finished first after nearly an hour of competition, ahead of Darren “IShowSpeed,” Kai Cenat, Felix “xQc,” Tyler “Ninja,” and Paul “Ice Poseidon.” He put Twitch, Hasan “HasanAbi,” and Matthew “Mizkif” at the bottom of the list, though.

At the hour point of the program, Adin Ross asked his viewers if they believed he could be regarded as a pioneer in the streaming sector. The 22-year-old claimed he “changed the game” and was once so well-known that “every streamer” used to respond to his material when he saw what his Kick chat said: “‘Remove Adin.’ Motherf**ker, I changed the game. Stop it! Literally, changed the f**king game! Chat, I’m going to be honest. There was a point, man, where every streamer – every time I would go live would react to me. Every f**king streamer! Except for the POGGERS people, obviously. You know what I’m saying?”

Then viewers questioned his reasoning for including xQc on the list of most influential people. In reply, Adin Ross said: “He’s been number one forever. xQc is the f**king… is the f**king pioneer.”

Adin Ross claims that IShowSpeed is the “largest” streamer of all time in terms of accomplishments. But when it comes to the “traditional” streaming culture, xQc has established himself as the “best” content generator of all time: “What I personally believe is – the biggest streamer of all time is Speed. The greatest of all time, as far as accomplishments, most rewarding… and influential. Now, xQc is, in my opinion, the greatest streamer of all time. The classic terminology of streaming is xQc. He’s the GOAT. If you guys love the old-fashioned terminology of the culture of streaming, it’s X.”