Twitch has revealed why they haven’t banned twiitch streamer Sweet Anita despite Anita’s forced “racial and phobic slurs” officially going against the platform’s terms and conditions.

Through her various channels, Twitch streamer and YouTuber Sweet Anita entertains over a million followers with gaming streams and chats.

She shares everything from her love for animals to women’s empowerment to stories and insights about living with Tourette syndrome. Tourette syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds or tics that can’t be easily controlled. Anita suffers from a rare symptom of Tourette’s, known as Coprolalia. This involves verbal “outbursts,” often including explicit language. Anita’s tics have previously gone down the route of swear words and body parts.

On August 12th, Twitch streamer Sweet Anita opened up about her early days on Twitch. She shares how she was so worried that she would eventually get banned from the platform because of her Tourette’s Syndrome. Here’s what she stated; “You can’t use… slurs on Twitch. My tics force me to. It feels like you’re being physically forced to say these things.”

In response to this, Twitch has explained as to why they have not banned Sweet Anita as they stated that they wanted to create a welcoming environment for the disabled content creators. They also stated that this kind of environment sets a level of decency and respect for our community. They emphasized their “delight” in “supporting streamers like Anita as they grow in their careers.”