This is the second time in 2022 that popular travel and IRL streamer Jinnytty has had a temporary suspension from Twitch due to the alleged sexual display of artificial latex breasts.

On Twitch, Jinnytty is well known for her international IRL streams. Jinnytty is one of the creators on the platform who has traveled the most, having recently visited places like Thailand, Singapore, the Netherlands, and more. On November 11th, as Jinny received her fourth total suspension from the site, fans of the well-known Korean streamer were astonished to find her name on the automated StreamerBans Twitter account. The recently hired TSM streamer promptly posted a response on Twitter regarding her removal from Twitch. Initially, Jinnytty believed that her ban was the result of a “sponge cock” that was included in a kid’s magic kit that she demonstrated on stream prior to getting banned.

Jinny ridiculed her ban, saying, “Are you kidding me I’m dying laughing legit. Not even sexual but Twitch being ridiculous not the first time.”

Jinnytty returned an hour after her ban was lifted to explain that it was actually for an incident that happened on stream months earlier. The Twitch streamer claimed that she was instead banned for allegedly grasping and exposing a pair of fake latex breasts in a sexual manner while showing them on stream. Fanfan and Joey Kao, two other broadcasters, instantly came to the streamer’s defense and criticized Twitch for their tardy ban of Jinny.

Jinny’s suspension could extend up to a week because it is her fourth ban overall and the second of the year, and it is unclear when she will be released from it. Jinny’s channel is now unavailable.