Lucas “Buddha” Ramos, a well-known GTA 5 roleplayer and Twitch streamer, updated the streaming community on his condition on Saturday, November 12th.

He revealed that he had spent the night in the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage on the left side of his skull by sharing a screenshot from Discord. Additionally, the content producer disclosed that he will shortly be having surgery. The notice stated: “Hey guys, don’t feel like typing everything and I’ll explain more in detail. But I’ve been in the hospital all night and apparently I have a brain bleed on the left side of my head and they want to stop the bleeding and drain the blood so I’ll be going into surgery soon.” 

The Twitch streamer continued his health update by saying that the doctors had told him he would need to have the operation done every day. Buddha stated that whenever he feels better, he would provide the streaming community more updates: “They say they do this procedure daily and it’s their bread and butter. So I’ll be awake in a few hours to update everyone more.”

When the streamer’s health status was updated on Reddit, it was posted in the ‘r/LivestreamFail’ forum, where the response thread gathered more than 112 fan comments.