Hasan “HasanAbi,” a popular Twitch streamer, responded to a popular clip from Kai Cenat, another Twitch streamer, during a recent broadcast.

In the video, slots and gambling broadcaster Tyler “Trainwreckstv” asserted that Twitch pays some well-known content producers more than others, like HasanAbi and Imane “Pokimane.” Hearing the statement, HasanAbi was shocked and retaliated by saying: “How much is rent? It’s free, man! It’s f***ing free! This dude is my number one fan! It is crazy!”

In a footage from Kai Cenat’s stream that went viral yesterday on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, Trainwreckstv asserted that certain streamers, such HasanAbi and Pokimane, are given “more care” by Twitch. He declared: “And they’re only going to take care of streamers like Hasan and Pokimane, right? So what you need to do, turn around, ‘Nah, f**k you, we’re bigger than both of them times f**king 10, we have communities much more loyal. So either take care of us like that, or we’re f**king dippin, we’re going multistream, or take our business elsewhere.’ That’s the way you need to go about it.”

The Iranian-American content creator continued by asserting that he “knows for a fact” that Kai Cenat and Adin Ross are not the only streamers “on contract worth more” for the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform: “I know for a fact, for a fact, that they are on contracts worth more than you. I’m telling you right now, you have no idea how absolutely, I’m telling you bro. Listen, there’s a reason why these c**k suckers don’t want me in a position, 30k viewers or higher.” 

On November 13, the day after, Hasan responded to the aforementioned video. The 31-year-old said when his and Pokimane’s names were mentioned: “I don’t know why this man can’t stop saying my name and Pokimane’s name, like, every stream, it feels like. Every time! I don’t understand it! I don’t know what the reason is. I mean, I kind of- I have an idea on what the reason might be. But like, I don’t know, why like…” 

Hasan then made the snarky remark that Trainwreckstv was his biggest fan. Then he expressed his opinions on Kai Cenat and Adin Ross, claiming that each have a distinctive audience and are quite valuable: “So, the part he’s like, talking, and especially about like, Kai and Adin, is like, they’re both gigantic streamers. Not only are they both gigantic streamers, they bring a unique and new audience of normies on the platform. They are invaluable. They’re also, especially Kai, great entertainers, okay?” 

HasanAbi concurred that more needs to be done to keep Kai Cenat and Adin Ross on the platform, as stated by Trainwreckstv on Twitch: “So he’s (Trainwreckstv) right about the fact that Twitch should be doing a lot to make sure that they’re on the platform. Okay? To keep them on the platform. Like, Kai is engaging, he’s entertaining, he’s great. Adin is… Adin. Okay? If Twitch was smart, they would be f***ing, you know, doing everything they can to make sure that they stay on the platform.” 

In relation to what Trainwreckstv mentioned, HasanAbi made light of the fact that Twitch was paying him $100 million: “Having said all of that, I don’t know why Train would be like, ‘Dude, but like, f**k Pokimane and f**k Hasan!’ That’s a wild take! Yeah, Train is actually underselling it. I’m getting paid $100 million. As a matter of fact. Yeah!”

HasanAbi called the assertion “insane” and was astounded by Trainwreckstv’s claim that he and Pokimane had obtained a $30 million deal from Twitch: “There’s no shot, he even remotely implied that- there’s no f***ing shot he implied that like, myself or Pokimane, and I can’t speak for Poki- I don’t know what her contract looks like. But there’s absolutely 0% chance that he even implied that either of us is getting $30 million! That is insane! If that was the case, why the f**k would any of these streamers move to YouTube? Where even YouTube is not dropping the bag to that degree.”