Former DAY6 member Jae has recently gotten into hot water with netizens and fans after making a rude comment about fellow former JYP Entertainment artist and K-pop soloist JAMIE on his recent live stream.

Jae was having a conversation with his viewers during a recent live stream, and the topic eventually turned to his friend, K-pop soloist JAMIE Notably, the word ‘thot’ is a derogatory term commonly applied to women. As a result, netizens and fans reacted quickly to the former DAY6 member’s remarks about JAMIE, claiming that what Jae said was excessive.

One viewer even stated that Jae should not have said what he did to JAMIE. Some fans believe the former DAY 6 member was simply making a joke about his friend, but a large number of netizens disagree.

JAMIE then took to Twitter to express her surprise at what the former DAY6 member had said. While the two were still under JYP Entertainment, the K-pop soloist expressed how much she cared for and prayed for Jae.

JAMIE deleted her post shortly after, stating that she was fine. The K-pop soloist responded with another post, this time expressing her disdain for women who are looked down upon.

Jae’s comments have enraged netizens, My Days (DAY6’s fandom name), and fans of the K-pop soloist, who have responded with supportive and kind words to JAMIE. Others have expressed their joy at Jae’s departure from DAY6.