Due to rising COVID-19 concerns, the upcoming Halo Championship Series will no longer include spectators.

Due to the rapidly changing environment surrounding COVID-19 and the rising number of cases, the upcoming Anaheim Regional Championship will no longer include spectators, according to a tweet on the official Halo Esports Twitter account.

In addition, the post explained how the brackets would now be held online.

In this situation, the Esports organization places a high priority on safety. More information will be released next Friday, January 14th, according to the statement. California is currently averaging just over 43,000 COVID cases per day, which is most likely the driving force behind the move to an online-only format and the removal of spectators from the physical event.

Former Halo player and Gamers First owner Makowski praised the decision, wishing that “everything works out,” while others questioned the statement’s explanation of how the online qualifiers would work.