After facing The Shadow Reaper in back-to-back matches, Twitch star Tyler1 raged against his most despised champion in League of Legends, Kayn.

Tyler1 is well-known for his rage outbursts, which have spanned everything from Riot Games’ balance changes to the game itself.

When the company spoke about the state of balancing new champion designs, he threatened to punch his monitor. He barely made it through the company’s MOBA update.

Despite the plethora of new champions that have been released over the years, Tyler consistently sees Kayn as the most broken.

On March 22, the 27-year-old streamer was live when he lost back-to-back matches to Kayn players, almost losing his mind.

Depending on the type of souls he collects from his opponents, Kayn takes one of two forms for each match: The Darkin Scythe or The Shadow Assassin.

He was defeated by Shadow Kayn in the first match, causing Tyler to erupt.

He queued up for a follow-up game with yet another Kayn on the opposing side after watching a replay of the match in which he repeatedly called Kayn “broken.”

Despite his best efforts to avoid the match, he ended up playing it out, this time against Darkin Kayn, resulting in his second loss to the pick.