The YouTuber and Twitch streamer IShowSpeed is already well-known for his shocking and contentious actions. Despite being only seventeen, the gamer has already gathered a sizable fan base in part because of his reputation for pushing the envelope.

After losing a match, the streamer went on an abusive and misogynistic rant, earning himself a permanent ban from Valorant. More recently, on the Fourth of July, he lit off a firework in his room, nearly starting a house fire and infuriating his mother. IShowSpeed is currently in trouble once more, this time for intimidating and harassing a young boy.

IShowSpeed bet a six-year-old boy $100 while streaming Fortnite, and when he won, he demanded payment. When the young child, who at first doesn’t appear to understand what a wager is, is heard becoming more upset and running to his father and then to his mother. 

IShowSpeed starts berating and threatening the child after hearing that he doesn’t have $100, saying he’ll call the police and have him arrested. By the time it’s over, the streamer is just barking at the boy as he cries out in agony. IShowSpeed is receiving harsh criticism for his actions as a result of the viral nature of the incident’s video clips.

The incident has undoubtedly given IShowSpeed many detractors and opponents. Astonishment and disgust at the incident and the abusive behavior are being expressed by onlookers. Some even predict that this will ruin his reputation as an online personality. Some of his supporters appear disappointed in him for failing to change his behavior or learn any lessons. The video is being used by parents to warn kids about the risks of playing online games unattended.

IShowSpeed still has supporters despite facing criticism for his actions. It seemed that some found the incident amusing. Some admitted it was wrong, but they quickly discounted it as not that significant.

Some even made an effort to place the blame for the child playing a game meant for an older audience on the child or his parents.

Even so, this is undoubtedly a serious setback for the young streamer’s budding career, despite some devoted fans. He probably lost supporters, and it might cost him more. Although Twitch, YouTube, and Epic Games have yet to comment on this report, it would not be unexpected if IShowSpeed were to experience additional suspensions or bans in the coming days.