Popular Apex Legends pro Phillip Dosen aka ImperialHal has discovered a severe flaw that causes Ultimate abilities to vanish unexpectedly after they’ve been utilized.

Apex Legends, like any other multiplayer game, has its share of bugs and glitches that can disrupt gameplay. Despite this, the bulk of these issues are minor, and in some cases, such as the low-gravity bug on the firing range, they can even be a good addition to the game. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and some bugs can be highly aggravating for players, resulting in them being kicked out of a game or losing a tight combat.

Well, Apex Legends pro ImperialHal has taken the time to demonstrate an issue that is causing Ultimate abilities to vanish out of nowhere for a lot of players in competitive matches. 

ImperialHal rushed to Twitter to demonstrate the fundamental flaw, posting a video of 100T’s Apex Legends squad engaged in an intense gunfight. Following their retreat to a building, a Caustic Ultimate was thrown at them, landing directly at their feet, but no gas was released.

The canister appeared to vanish out of nowhere, causing them no harm and allowing them to remain stationed in the structure.

According to Hal, this problem has previously afflicted Gibraltar, Valkyrie, and now Caustic as well. It’s critical that the developers figure out why this error is happening in a game where abilities might determine who wins a gunfight. 

This is especially crucial in professional matches, as it could influence the tournament winner, jeopardizing the title’s competitive integrity. It’s unclear why this is happening because the canister animation is still visible in the video above; yet, no gas cloud is ever released.