After accessing Kick during a recent live stream and immediately running the risk of getting banned due to the site’s sexual content, YouTube personality JiDion was left in a panic.

Due to its generous 95/5 subscriber splits, which pay artists far more than other platforms, Kick has established itself as a serious rival to Twitch. Several prominent broadcasters have switched over. Kick undoubtedly has advantages, but there are also drawbacks. For example, there is a lot of sexual content on the site, and Heelmike even streams himself having oral sex and only receives a one-day suspension. JiDion looked out Kick during a March 12 broadcast and was compelled to stop his live right away after seeing sexual content that might result in a YouTube ban.

JiDion was perplexed by what he witnessed and immediately vented on social media while his stream was still live. He explained; “I just went on KICK to see what it was about me and my chat saw two girls going crazy. Now I have to end my fucking stream! This is gonna be the Twitch killer, yea good luck with that Adin and Train.”

After that, the streamer called Adin Ross, who had just signed a large contract to stream just on Kick, and asked to talk to him and Trainwreck about the platform. He said; “I’m on my own with my chat, just trying to find a girl to play Fortnite with and I just see two girls going crazy.” 

JiDion was able to persuade the Kick star to agree to webcast his conversation with Trainwreck despite Aidin’s assertion that the latter was attempting to remove the site’s sexual content. What will result of the discussion between the top streaming services and if JiDion will ultimately face a YouTube ban because to the Kick content are both unknown. He received a lifetime ban from Twitch in 2022 for launching a hate wave at Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. Even JiDion might stream on Kick in the not too distant future, who knows?