Twitch has its own set of forbidden words and phrases, but it also allows streamers to block or ban specific words. This creator tool allows creators to have more control over the security and accessibility of their chatrooms.

Banning specific words can help prevent potential conflicts with Twitch Terms of Service, as well as cultivating one’s own desired stream environment and community. Though streamers are not completely bound by their chat, those with large audiences have been banned in the past for having an abundance of slurs, threats, or other derogatory language running rampant in their chatrooms.


Twitch provides creators with AutoMod, an automated bot for blacklisting and banning words in Twitch chat. AutoMod can detect any use of a blacklisted word and notify the streamer, who can then decide whether to allow or deny the message. AutoMod, while useful, is unable to ban, mute, or block users from the channel on its own.

Users can activate AutoMod by selecting the option to move to the Creator Dashboard from their profile picture. To access moderation options, click the settings tab with a gear icon from here.

There are three AutoMod controls available from here: AutoMod Ruleset, Blocked terms or phrases, and Permitted terms or phrases. Streamers can customize how strict AutoMod filters chat and presents messages for review in the ruleset option. For AutoMod, at least a level one is recommended. Click Blocked terms or phrases to block specific words or phrases.

When you select this control feature, you should see a textbox where you can type any words or phrases you want to be automatically detected and filtered. This page will also display any existing or active AutoModded words or phrases, as well as the ability to edit, delete, or add new words in the future.

Alternatives to AutoMod

While AutoMod is a good place to start for streamers who want to keep their chats under control, it is far from the only option. Live moderators sourced from trusted community members are an invaluable resource for streamers. These moderators have various options for banning, suspending, or restricting chat.

Many streamers have used NightBot as a third-party alternative to AutoMod. NightBot includes chat restrictions, commands, spam filters, accessible chat logs, and more, similar to Twitch’s standard AutoMod.

The chat and community of a streamer are frequently seen as extensions of the creator’s content and actions. Maintaining control over your chat, regardless of the method you use, is an essential part of broadcasting.