Following a week of bans, Twitch hot tub streamers ‘SpookyUnagi’ and ‘SpoopyKitt’ are accusing the Amazon-owned platform of banning them for ‘unjustified’ reasons.

On Twitch, bikini and hot tub streams have long been contentious. Bikini streams were originally part of the ‘Just Chatting’ category, but after months of debate in 2021, they were given their own category in the form of ‘Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches.’

Following a series of site-wide bans relating to bikini content, some streamers believe Twitch is attempting to eliminate those streams from the platform as a whole.

Despite claiming that their content had not changed, streamers SpoopyKitt and SpookyUnagi were banned from the platform in May. The two slammed Twitch in a series of posts, calling their suspensions “unjustified.”

Unagi explained that she was completely unaware of what she had been doing to violate the site’s rules after her second ban in a week.

To add to the confusion, streamers have expressed concern about a blog post on Twitch that “clarified” the company’s sexual content policy but did not include any updates on bikini streams.

Twitch does not comment on individual bans, so it’s unclear what the two did to earn their suspensions. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work out their differences and resume their careers in peace.