Thomas ‘Tommey‘ Trewren of 100 Thieves Warzone pulled out of the $100k Caldera Challenge tournament on March 1 after his teammate, Almond, overslept — and vented his frustrations on Twitch.

Tommey and Almond have been a part of Warzone since the early Verdansk days, and they, along with TBE trio Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan, have had unprecedented success in the Call of Duty battle royale.

Tommey and Almond are the game’s first and fourth highest earners, respectively, and have been virtually unstoppable since the switch from Verdansk to Caldera.

However, on March 1, Tommey decided to withdraw from the $100k qualifier after Almond failed to wake up in time to get some reps in — and he expressed his displeasure with how frequently this happens.

It’s an age-old story about esports pros struggling to keep a regular sleeping schedule. Rasim ‘Blazt‘ Ogresevic of the Minnesota ROKKR Warzone team overslept for a $400k World Series of Warzone tournament during the final days of Verdansk, and his duo Charlie ‘MuTeX‘ Saouma promptly dropped him to find a new teammate.

As Tommey explained before kicking off a watch party for the Caldera Challenge tournament instead, Blazt’s ROKKR teammate Almond is now in the firing line for the same problem.