Twitch’s nearly all recent actions have drawn condemnation from the public. Now, many fans are hesitant to attend this year’s TwitchCon due to the recent events in Paris. Despite the nationwide unrest, the forthcoming event—scheduled for July 8 and 9—is still going on.

Fans from the neighborhood are understandably hesitant to attend the event in these circumstances due to worries about safety and security. Twitch isn’t giving up, though, and this has drawn harsh criticism from a number of fans. In the midst of the issue, streamer Trainwreckstv criticized Twitch’s position on social media. The co-founder of The Kick claimed that Twitch makes decisions solely for financial gain and expects followers to make up for their losses. The first TwitchCon took place in 2019, and since then, people have been anticipating it yearly. The semi-annual gathering, which focuses on gaming and streaming culture, gives community members the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite streamers. The 2023 convention had some excellent programs planned, and attendees were eager to fly to Paris in July.

Many viewers paid attention to sessions on LGBTQA+ streamers and cyberbullying. Some people were curious about how Twitch would probably approach the ongoing policy change problem at the conference.

However, some of the most violent rioting in recent years has taken place in Paris. The city is in upheaval as a result of public fury over police tactics, and the newly released photos have startled people all around the world. Many are unsure if TwitchCon will start in such unrest as the accompanying violence in Paris doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Twitch asserted that canceling the event will result in a considerable financial loss for them. Fans’ options for refunds were also rejected. Many people who had the impression that Twitch cared about its viewers’ safety were shocked by these choices. Many people in the community were obviously miffed by the choice, and Kick seized the chance to express their displeasure. Following Twitch’s contentious new restrictions, a wave of streamers have lately joined the green platform. 

Kick co-founder Trainwreck used Twitter to criticize Twitch’s positions, claiming that their emphasis on making a profit will sacrifice fan safety. He said in his post that Twitch’s decision to stick with its plans for the conference amounts to an underhanded request from fans to postpone their plans in order to prevent financial loss for the Amazon-owned platform.

“We don’t want to cancel and lose money or refund and lose money, so we’ll go through with it and hope you cancel and lose money“, he wrote on Twitter, taking shots at Twitch.