The Battle Pass challenges in Halo Infinite have undergone significant changes, but players still believe they are ruining games.

Players of Halo Infinite have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s Battle Pass progression system. At the start of the multiplayer beta, XP could only be earned by completing challenges, with 50 bonus XP awarded for each completed match.

Players’ complaints were taken into account, and the XP payouts for each match were significantly increased. Many fans, however, believe that the Battle Pass challenges are too difficult.

‘Pax Libertas_’ posted a screenshot of their Halo Infinite gameplay on Reddit. Four players stood on a helipad, waiting for the AV-49 Wasp vehicle to arrive.

This, according to the Redditor, is most likely due to a Battle Pass challenge that requires them to use the Wasp. This means they won’t be able to gain the necessary XP until the vehicle arrives.

Some commenters were less critical of the Battle Pass challenges, claiming that similar situations existed in previous Halo games where players sat and waited for a vehicle to spawn.

The developers have made a concerted effort to make the Battle Pass progression a little easier, with players now earning 1,000 XP by playing six games per day rather than the previously required 20.