Amouranth is easily one of the most divisive Twitch streamers, thanks to her participation in hot tub streams and other Twitch meta. The content creator has built an empire worth over $1 million per month over the course of a few years (and many different bans). People naturally want to know more about Amouranth, so in a new video for the Vice series “My Life Online,” she went a little more public. Other streamers have been watching the mini-doc and reacting to it, which has resulted in at least one Twitch partner being banned.

Twitch streamer Sliker, who primarily streams FPS games and IRL content, watched Amouranth’s Vice documentary on his Twitch channel. The video included images from the streamer’s OnlyFans account as well as clips from some of her contentious streams, which earned him a suspension.

Twitch suspended Sliker for sharing “accidental” sexual content, according to a screenshot he shared on Twitter and a few other streamers have been suspended as a result of watching the Amouranth documentary, but Sliker is by far the most popular. Many fans are dissatisfied with Twitch’s inconsistent enforcement of these bans.

Many argued that it doesn’t make sense that other streamers like Mizkif and HasanAbi, had no problems watching the video. 

While some thought the ban was unjust, others believed Sliker should have known what he was getting himself into and the potential consequences of covering the Vice documentary.

Given the nature of much of the streamer’s content, many expected her Vice video to show something a little more indecent than Twitch prefers. The fact that Amouranth’s suspension-worthy content has resulted in suspensions for other creators has been ironically hilarious to some viewers.

Despite being suspended multiple times on Twitch, Amouranth continues to stream and share her stories, IRL streams, and ASMR content. Her grueling schedule, as she revealed in her interview with Vice, weighs heavily on her, as does the criticism she has received from viewers and other streamers in the community. Sliker’s suspension, on the other hand, was only for 24 hours.