Dr. Alok Kanojia AKA Dr. K talked about various forms of communication on the channel on streaming platform Twitch and when he noticed that many members in his Twitch chat were joking that xQc’s bad communication was a good example and quickly debunked the said theory, stating that xQc is an excellent communicator who is simply hyper.

Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. Alok Kanojia who has made a name for himself by streaming about modern gaming and streaming issues. He has previously invited prominent creators to speak about the issues they face in their lives, providing a more in-depth look into their personal issues.

Dr. K went over different types of communication and how to fix bad communication during the stream and his chat was quickly flooded with messages accusing streamer xQc of being a bad communicator, which had become a running joke among his followers.

He went on to explain why the streamer wouldn’t be successful on Twitch if he couldn’t communicate effectively.

This is true because no one would watch him if they didn’t understand him and his statement about his ability to communicate mocked heavily with many users linking to videos in which xQc says some strange things and others making jokes about his strange speech pattern.

Some, however, defended the doctor’s reasoning, claiming that he isn’t insane, just quick-witted.

It is difficult to follow him when he rambles, but most of the time it’s clear what he’s saying. His fans make fun of him all the time for his lack of clarity and conciseness in his sentences, but it makes him even more entertaining to watch.

Dr. K’s point is that he’s more of a difficult-to-understand mess than an incomprehensible one. Will this affect how xQc’s audience perceives him, or will his chat remain full of ambiguity? They’ll almost certainly continue to tease their favorite streamer about his poor command of the English language.