According to gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter, GTA 6 could be the franchise’s most ambitious installment yet, with multiple continents and up to “500 hours” of content.

With GTA 6 now officially in development, speculation and rumors have only increased. Despite the fact that no release date has been set, everything from rumored features to alleged map leaks has been leaked online.

The scope of the upcoming sequel is unknown, but multiple Rockstar teasers have hinted that GTA 6 will be “special.” Veteran analyst Pachter may have just revealed what makes the next project so ambitious as a result of those remarks.

According to Pachter, the game will not only feature multiple continents for players to explore, but it will also be a massive “400-500 hour” experience.

Despite the fact that confirmation of its existence only came in 2022, Pachter claims that GTA 6 has been “in development” for at least eight years. While more of Rockstar’s global workforce may have recently joined the project, he believes initial discussions began in 2014, just one year after GTA 5.

The length of the development cycle is due solely to the game’s scope.

Several reports from previous years suggested that a variety of locations could be included. Vice City, for example, has been mentioned as a possible setting several times, but Pachter’s mention of Europe appears to be the first.

With such a large map, players should be able to “go anywhere” on the continents listed.

GTA 6 has the potential to provide hundreds of hours of content, given its scope. Pachter claimed that fans could expect up to 500 hours of gameplay, ranging from the core narrative to the game’s broader open-world activities.

For the time being, it’s probably best to take these bold claims with a grain of salt. Nothing is guaranteed until we get confirmation on the GTA 6 setting. If multiple continents are included, it will undoubtedly be one of the largest open-world games ever made.