When his longtime gaming duo, Moxy, was suddenly ambushed by a spider on stream, popular Twitch streamer xQc was caught off guard.

XQc and Moxy have become one of Twitch’s most recognizable duos. Moxy and xQc first gained fame by playing Overwatch together shortly after xQc’s stint in the Overwatch League, and they’ve been a consistent source of stream content ever since. On April 19, the duo put their gaming skills to the test in League of Legends, where something unexpected happened.

xQc was about to scold his bottom lane duo for failing to engage during their League session when Moxy interrupted him with a barrage of exclamations because he was swatted, it’s possible that the popular Twitch streamer assumed something bad had happened to Moxy right away.

As chat and xQc waited with baited breath to hear what had happened to Moxy, the streamer was heard eventually returning to his chair. Without seeing what had caused his friend’s panic, xQc immediately inquired as to what had happened.

As Moxy described feeling the spider’s web, the French-Canadian streamer was clearly unamused, hurling expletives at his friend and expressing genuine concern for his safety. Moxy may have only had a close encounter with a common house spider, but xQc was almost immediately terrified.