The servers for Fortnite in China will be shut down on November 15th, according to an announcement on the official Fortnite China website.

In China, Fortnite is a totally different game than it is in the rest of the world. Epic Games has made numerous changes to its battle royale game in order to appeal to the Chinese market and the country’s video game rules.

Because microtransactions are illegal in China, Chinese Fortnite contains some notable differences, the most notable of which is the lack of purchasable V-Bucks. Another distinction is the visual changes to different unlocked cosmetics, such as the well-known Crackshot skin.

While the game had a large number of players for a few games, it is no longer available. According to a recent notice on the Fortnite China website, the game’s servers in China will be permanently shut down.

According to a translation of the website, new Fortnite user registrations will end on November 1, and servers in China will go down on November 15th.

Epic Games was never able to fully monetize Fortnite in China as they had been able to do in other places, therefore the game never took off like it did in the rest of the world. Epic faced a big obstacle in the form of China’s outlawing of microtransactions, which the country did not budge on, leaving them with no room to profit.

The remaining Fortnite gamers in China will be unable to play the game after November 15th unless a workaround is found, so perhaps they are getting in their final matches now.