Twitch streamer Lily Ki aka Lilypichu has recently talked about how she got her voice acting role in miHoYo’s Genshin Impact. She discussed the process behind voicing Sayu in the popular gacha game.

Genshin Impact fans were surprised to learn that Sayu, the charming Mujina Ninja, is voiced by popular Twitch streamer Lilypichu when she made her debut in the Tapestry of Flames banner. 

Lily spoke with host Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang on the OfflineTV podcast on October 15th about how she came to work on the popular free-to-play game.

Because of her fame on Twitch, miHoYo didn’t seek out her for the position, according to the streamer. LilyPichu, on the other hand, landed the voice-acting job after auditioning. She stated; “You just get auditions. And I was like, okay, I’ll audition for this one. I freelance for Atlus right now. They sometimes give me auditions and Genshin was one of those.”

When Lily has been asked if the developer was aware of her work as a streamer, she responds stating; “No, it’s not LilyPichu they contact. They just send the audition call out to people. So I’m like one of many people. So I got it and I’m like, ‘ah [Sayu] looks so cute, I’ll do it.’ Then I got the callback and I was like ‘Oh my God, this is so exciting!’”

In contrast to her previous acting roles, Lily said that she was hired right away. 

LilyPichu also disclosed that the Genshin Impact voice actors have their own private Discord channel throughout the hour-long broadcast. The Twitch star also joked that her sudden rise in popularity while playing multiplayer had the group thinking she was really excellent at it.