Tiktok star Bella Poarch’s new music video titled Inferno featuring multiple streamers across platforms has become a huge success. Seeing some of their favorite streamers being featured in the music video, some fans have suspected that the Minecraft star Dream also made an appearance on the said music video.

Bella Poarch was a hugely popular personality on Tiktok gaining more than 78.8 million followers. Her first song titled ‘Build a B*tch’ has become viral as it now gains more than 270 million views on YouTube and it featured one of the most popular female streamers Valkyrae.

Bella’s latest song INFERNO which was released on August 13th has also become a huge success from fans. In the music video, many streamers and content creators across platforms have appeared making their fans become excited. They featured popular streamers such as TommyInnit, Ludwig, Adin Ross, Pokimane, Valkyrae, and many more.

On Twitter, fans became even more excited as Sub Urban tweeted out stating; “What if I told you Dream was in the INFERNO music video.” Followed by Bella Poarch herself retweeting; “should we tell them @Dream” then Dream replied with a simple; “you just did.”

People immediately got to work trying to figure out whether he is actually in the video, posting snippets from the video itself or behind-the-scenes clips that they suspected could potentially be Dream. Dream has never shown his face on the screen, and that means even the smallest glimpse of what he looks like in real life can be a big deal to some fans.