IRL Twitch streamer DSKoopa recently got into an odd situation after he thought about jumping over a display case at his shop and promptly broke it.

When the streamer tried the stunt, Cody’s otherwise typical day running his retro game shop took a turn for the worse. One of the glass shelves inside the showcase catastrophically broke as a result of the situation’s rapid snowballing.

The 32-year-old Twitch content producer ran his usual in-person livestream while running his retro game shop, Pink Gorilla Games. He was having a regular, trouble-free day, but six hours into his stream, he was discussing a fresh order he had just received from a client. He mentioned the idea of jumping over the main showcase out of the blue in an effort to amuse his audience.

At first, the streamer was concerned that he would knock over the showcase and damage its shelves. Cody’s coworker encouraged him and said that he thought the streamer could make the jump with ease, and wasted no time in attempting to show how he would carry out the stunt.

A few seconds later, the native of Seattle noticed that the sliding doors of the display were not working properly. Upon closer inspection, he found that the frame holding the display was damaged.

When Cody attempted to fix the broken slider, he instead broke one of the glass shelves inside the showcase, sending all the priceless objects tumbling to the ground. He picked up the camera and displayed the extent of the harm he had done to the audience. The streamer second-guessed his choice and started repairing the malfunctioning showcase.

When viewers saw him smash the store’s countertop, the streamer’s Twitch chat went crazy.

The streamer had previously broken things in front of the camera. On May 8 of last month, Cody dropped a $300 Nintendo 64 while pulling it out of a shelf

Due to this, the retro game console’s box was damaged, and the streamer gave the buyer a $50 discount as compensation.