DrLupo's gaming setup

DrLupo’s foray into video games began when he was only three years hold, when he would play Tetris with his brothers on their NES. After that, he moved on to other video game genres, with the RPG Chrono Trigger being among his favorites.

His journey into Twitch began when he first discovered Twitch in 2013 while looking for Diablo content, and his then viewing it as a convenient way for him to keep track of his character’s farming progress while he was at work. However, he only really started streaming in May 2015 after fellow players who recognized his high skill level, asked him to record his gameplays for them.

From there, his channel grew, especially after he and Ninja met during a PUBG  match and became duo partners. From there, his channel really took off and he became the massive FPS variety personality that we know today.

What Monitor Does DrLupo Use?

drlupo's gaming setup

DrLupo uses a SAMSUNG Odyssey G7  for his PC gaming and an ASUS ROG BenQ RL2755HM 27-inch monitor for console gaming. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 32-Inch gaming monitor that utilizes Quantum Dot technology to enhance the colors with 125% more space than regular sRGB. It also offers brightness options of 300 – 600 cd/m². Its VA 1000R Curved panel is designed to match the eye’s curvature for a more immersive gaming experience, as well as to reduce eyestrain. Furthermore, its G-Sync and Free-Sync technology help to decrease image tearing, stuttering and lagging. Its Black Equalizer also brightens darker scenes to make it easier to spot enemies. It is highly adjustable for a curved monitor, as it can be pivoted -2° ~ 92°, swiveled -15° ~ 15°, tilted -9° ~ 13° and its height can be adjusted by up to 12 cm. It can also be removed from its base for VESA-compatible wall-mounting.

Unfortunately, the BenQ RL2755HM has been discontinued by the manufacturer. So we have omitted discussing it in detail here.

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drlupo's gaming setup

DrLupo uses a Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse. The Logitech G PRO X Superlight is an ultra lightweight wireless gaming mouse that weighs just 63 (2.2oz.) Part of the reason for this is because there are no lighting options. Furthermore, although it has an ambidextrous design, there are only side buttons on the right-thumb side for a total of five programmable buttons, the others being the clickers and scroll wheel. It utilizes a Hero 25K optical sensor that offers a 100 – 25,400 DPI range that can be set in increments of 50 via the software. Up to five DPI profiles can then be stored directly on the mouse itself. It also offers four toggleable polling rate options of 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz.

Although it does not have a dedicated dpi button, the side buttons can be assigned this function. Up to five macro profiles can be stored directly onboard. Furthermore, it is most suitable for small to medium-sized hands for users who favor a palm or claw grip-style, but can also be comfortable for larger handed gamers who prefer a fingertip grip style. It measures 12.5 x 6.35 x 4cm (4.92 x 2.5 x 1.57″) and its battery life can last up to 70 hours. It is also fitted with 100% PTFE feet to increase tracking speed and decrease carbon emissions.

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What Keyboard Does DrLupo Use?

what keyboard does dr lupo use

DrLupo uses a Logitech G Pro and a Logitech G915 keyboard. The Logitech G Pro is a wired mechanical keyboard that is marketed to be ‘built to the exacting specifications of eSports athletes for a competition level blend of speed, precision and quiet performance.’ If it lives up to this, then it should be ideal for streamers who want to reduce the background sounds of a keyboard clicking being picked up while they are streaming.

It is also designed to be highly responsive to keypresses, which is good if you are careful and quick when using a keyboard and are playing a lot of keyboard dependent games such as Fortnite or World of Warcraft.

This feature is obviously dependent on the preferences of the gamer, as some might prefer to hear and feel the responses of the keyboard.

The Logitech G915 keyboard was released in mid-2019 and is the first wireless RGB keyboard offered by Logitech. Its main feature is that that it is very thin, thanks to the implementation of their new L Switch.

As well as having a wired option, it also comes in three types, namely, Clicky, Linear and Tactile each with their own combination of tactile and sound feedback. But the wireless keyboard only has a 20-hour battery life, so it will need to be charged regularly.

It also has five G Keys that can be programmed in the Logitech G Hub software. It is important to note that DrLupo is sponsored by Logitech.

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What Headset Does DrLupo Use?

what headset does drLupo use

DrLupo uses a Logitech G Pro X headset. The Logitech G Pro X headset is an upgraded version of the Logitech G Pro. The main difference between the two, is that the Logitech G Pro X is integrated with Blue VO!CE Technology, which greatly improves the audio quality of the microphone’s output beyond that of the regular Logitech G Pro mic. This is relevant if you are just looking for a gaming headset or just starting out your stream and looking to save money on a dedicated microphone. DrLupo doesn’t use the mic, so its capabilities aren’t really evident in his streams.

Another distinguishing feature is that the Logitech G Pro X has a built-in voice monitoring system that allows you to hear how loud your voice is while it is currently being recorded. Furthermore, the Logitech Pro X comes with DTS 7.1 surround sound capabilities, whereas the Logitech G Pro has stereo sound capabilities. This last point is a matter of personal preference.

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What Microphone Does DrLupo Use?

what microphone does drlupo use

DrLupo uses a Blue Spark Blackout SL XLR microphone. DrLupo is sponsored by Blue, but he has been using their products for years. From his broadcasts, you can tell that the Blue Blackout SL XLR provides a clear studio-quality audio output. This is likely due to the face that it is a cardioid unidirectional condenser microphone that has a low-cut filter of 100 Hz that helps to eliminate unwanted background noise from his recordings.

It’s also pretty significant that he uses this mic, as it is considered to be an entry level microphone on that is on the cheaper end for a quality microphone. Of course, as it is an XLR mic, you will need to purchase an XLR cable, mic stand or boom arm and mixer as well, which will increase the overall price. It does come with a shock mount, though.

Both the body on grill are made of metal to increase its durability. The body has a -20dB switch to further help to prevent distortions during vocal recordings.

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What Webcam Does DrLupo Use?

DrLupo's gaming setup

DrLupo uses a Canon EOS Rebel SL2 as his facecam and a Logitech C920 as his keyboard camera. The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is an easy to use, entry-level DSLR camera that offers a wide ISO range of 100–25,600 that is extendable to up to 51,200 by means of a Canon EF or EF-S (not EF-M) lens. Its APS-C also affords a 9-point Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p @ 60fps. It is small and lightweight for easy transportation and has a vari-angle LCD touchscreen on which to easily adjust settings and modes. Additionally, its downloadable EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software includes features to ease the camera’ use as a webcam. With that said, it is still pretty expensive just to use as a basic streaming webcam, and there are many big streamers such as CallMeCarsonLive who still use basic webcams like the C922 for streaming. In fact until recently, even DrLupo was using a GoPro Hero 4. Although, this was also definitely more advanced than a basic webcam.

webcam that drlupo uses

This brings us to DrLupo’s keyboard webcam, the Logitech C920. This webcam is pretty common among streamers and can occasionally be found for nearly a quarter of the GoPro Hero 4’s regular price, when neither is on sale.

The C920 is a clip-on plug-and-play webcam that intended for use as a basic webcam for people who just plan on chatting and creating basic video content. Its recoding capabilities are less than the GoPro, offering a recording option of 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 30 fps. Furthermore, while it does have audio recording capabilities, the quality isn’t great, so you should probably either invest in a headset or dedicated microphone if you plan on making your stream chatting dependent.

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What Mixer Does DrLupo Use?

drlupo's gaming setup

DrLupo uses a TC-Helicon GoXLR. The TC-Helicon is one of the most popular mixers among streamers, so its no surprise that it is also found in DrLupo’s gaming setup. It is designed for solo recordings, and therefore only allows for one microphone input at a time. It can accommodate either an XLR or TS/TSR/TRRS jack and can also provide +48V of phantom power with the push of a button. It offers four channel sliders on the left side, for Mic, Chat, Music, and System respectively, as well as a mute button for each. The right side is then sub-dived into three sections for various effect options.

The top portion of the right side is dedicate to a selection of pre-set effect options, as well as six other customizable buttons that can be set through its software. The bottom portion is split into a sample section on the left that allows for prerecording sounds for on-the-fly live effects. In the left corner, is a damage control section for temporary mic muting and bleep outs. All of the controls can be set with RGB light effects through the software.

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