Drake gave a Twitch user $86,000 ($117,000 AUD) in Bitcoin, which she reportedly spent all in one night gambling.

Sincerelyjuju, a Twitch user, was live streaming when she received a large Bitcoin payment, which she later revealed was sent by Drake. Soon after, Sincerelyjuju received another Bitcoin payment from the rapper, this time for a total of $86,000.

The video then cuts to her playing blackjack, and she is paid in Bitcoin once more.

Sincerelyjuju expressed her gratitude for the rapper’s generosity on Instagram. She captioned a video of one of the transactions, “Drake gifted me 44k.”

She later lost the entire sum while playing a gambling game, according to reports.

Drake is known as an avid gamer who frequently streams on streaming platform Twitch. In 2018, while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale with Travis Scott and popular gamer Ninja on Twitch, he set a new record for the most concurrent streams. Over 600,000 concurrent viewers watched their stream at one point, setting a new record for a single channel on the platform.