Since the last wipe, Dr Disrespect has been enjoying Escape from Tarkov, but he has revealed his biggest gripe with the game: the addition of the inertia system, which affects movement.

Doc hinted in September 2021 that he wasn’t planning on returning to Escape from Tarkov anytime soon. However, in recent months, he’s been having a blast with it, claiming that it’s just one change away from “taking over gaming.” but that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s flawless. 

During his stream on January 21, he revealed that the inertia system added in Patch 12.12, which added more weight to walking, strafing, turning, and jumping, is his biggest gripe with the game.

Doc hasn’t been put off by the inertia system’s implementation. He insisted that he understands and respects the developers’ decision to include it. He simply does not enjoy the sensation.

He isn’t the only streamer who has identified some of the game’s flaws. Summit1g wants the developers to add priority queues for players who crash or disconnect, while Shroud wishes the enemy A.I was better programmed.