With months having passed since Dr Disrespect and Twitch’s lawsuit ended, it’s clear that they won’t be working together again.

Dr Disrespect appears to have had a more eventful career than the other live-streamers who have risen to the forefront of popularity and following in recent years. Despite occasional controversies, the streamer has risen to the top of multiple platforms thanks to the strong personality of the Dr Disrespect character.

Dr Disrespect was embroiled in one of the most high-profile instances of controversy when Twitch, the site where he had built a lucrative platform, permanently banned the streamer without warning or explanation in June 2020.

This sparked a slew of fan theories and rumors about Dr Disrespect’s departure, with Dr Disrespect speaking out as loudly as he could legally against the ban, which he saw as illegitimate and harmful.

Dr Disrespect was cut off from his long-term audience as well as many sponsorship deals as a direct result of this perplexing permanent ban. The most obvious course of action for the streamer was to take his brand elsewhere, with YouTube Gaming’s up-and-coming streaming side being his preferred platform.

Disrespect switched to the new platform in August 2020, with his first stream attracting 400,000 concurrent viewers. It’s no surprise, then, that “the Doc” quickly found success on YouTube, just as he did on Twitch, with his YouTube account now boasting nearly 4,000,000 subscribers. Despite this success, it is fair to say that switching platforms during a period of peak success has clearly harmed the channel, with Dr Disrespect reportedly having multiple plans, offers, and deals undercut as a result of this incident.

Although Dr Disrespect has had some success with his forced platform switch, he cannot say that he is completely satisfied with his new streaming medium. Since making the switch, Dr Disrespect has publicly chastised YouTube Gaming on social media, claiming that they do not support or recognize his channel despite the massive numbers he consistently commands.

Since the ban, Dr Disrespect has been very vocal about pursuing legal action against Twitch. While his ability to publicly comment on any legal action is obviously limited, it would almost certainly have involved very high figures. The fact that Dr Disrespect was suing Twitch sparked a slew of conspiracy theories, with many believing that his ban was illegitimate. Fans have been desperate to learn more about the legal case due to the high stakes of such a large-scale lawsuit. However, it recently came to an equally perplexing conclusion.

Dr Disrespect announced on Twitter in early March that he was dropping the Twitch lawsuit. Dr Disrespect stated in the bare-bones tweet that the lawsuit had been “resolved,” with neither party admitting to any wrongdoing. Given the amount of money at stake, it’s entirely possible that the case was settled out of court, but the exact reasoning and outcomes are still unknown, and will likely remain so in the future.

Despite this, as part of the announcement, it was revealed that Dr Disrespect would not be returning to Twitch.

With two months having passed since the lawsuit was dropped and no further communication regarding the feud, it appears that Dr Disrespect and Twitch have officially ended their relationship. As a result, the mystery surrounding the infamous ban will continue to circulate online indefinitely, unsolved. Despite this, it is clear that Dr Disrespect’s fans continue to enjoy his work.