Twitch streamer and content creator Casimiro was recently banned from the livestreaming platform earlier today, shocking his devoted fans.

Twitch Spy (@TwitchSpy), a Twitch tracking Twitter account, confirmed the streamer’s ban, stating that he was banned due to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strike on his channel.

This was the streamer’s first Twitch ban, and it’s expected that he’ll be banned for at least 24 hours.

Fans were stunned to see Casimiro banned from Twitch, and the conversation thread announcing his ban received over 890 replies. Almost all of the fan responses were in Portuguese, so Google Translate was used to translate them.

The reason for Casimiro’s DMCA strike piqued the interest of some fans. Others mocked the streamer’s ban by sarcastically remarking that he had “lost everything.”

Alexandre “Gaules,” a popular Brazilian Twitch star and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro, expressed his disappointment in Casimiro’s ban. Last year, while co-streaming NBA, Gaules was banned from Twitch.

In the reaction thread, Twitch content creator Oestagiario was also present.

Casimiro is one of the most well-known Brazilian streamers, and he is currently the platform’s third most subscribed Twitch streamer. He was the top streamer with the most subscribers (105,825) earlier this year, but his numbers had dropped to 77,025 at the time of writing.

Casimiro is a football-focused sports journalist who uses Twitch to create content about the sport. His enormous popularity stems largely from his collaboration with footballer Neymar Jr. while hosting a viewing party for the footballer’s Netflix documentary series Neymar: The Perfect Choas.

The watch party was a huge success, bringing the streamer over 250k fans and a peak of 540k concurrent viewers.