Thousands of people have already watched the hilarious banter between YouTube star Dr Disrespect and Twitch sensation xQc. The two recently mocked each other’s wardrobe choices in a friendly manner. The banter is quite hilarious, as silly as it sounds. xQc and Dr Disrespect aren’t known for pulling their punches, which is understandable given their outspoken personalities.

While making fun of xQc’s lackluster wardrobe. xQc was quick to respond, as one would expect. Dr. Disrespect, understandably, does not take burns lying down. He responded quickly and brutally trolled xQc for his attire.

While xQc has dominated Twitch with his daily streams and massive following, Dr Disrespect has dominated YouTube with his entertaining content.

The Canadian streamer has yet to respond to Doc as of this writing. It will be fascinating to hear what the Twitch star has to say about Dr Disrespect’s response. Given xQc’s nature, the return could result in some friendly rivalry between these two streamers.

Anything that involves these two will undoubtedly be entertaining. Unfortunately, no collaborative project is currently in the works, so fans will have to settle for watching their favorite streamers engage in Twitter banter.