New World has been out for nearly two months, but there have been numerous issues during that time. Some players who have stuck with the new MMO have become dissatisfied with it as a result of this.


During a recent Twitch stream, MMO veteran and Twitch streamer Asmongold commented on the state of New World.

Asmongold said that New World can’t even keep duplicating items out of the game and there have been a lot of exploits and nonsense like this and added saying that New World has more bugs than any other game he have ever played, and some of them are game-breaking.

Some of the major issues that New World has faced since launch have been compared to cheat codes in Warcraft 2. Duplication of items and gold, invincibility, and other major issues have been reported.

The latest duplication issue was brought to the team’s attention after a player discovered endgame trophies being sold on the trading post for less than their crafting cost on the New World forum.

Despite the problems, the Amazon team has remained committed to fixing them on a regular basis and listening to player feedback in order to improve the game. Although New World is still relatively new, the game’s future depends in large part on how well they manage the current problems.