Well-known Twitch streamer Pokimane recently estimated she could make millions per month from OnlyFans alone, but she insisted that no sum of money would induce her to open an account.

Amouranth, Alinity, StPeach, Corinna Kopf, and other Twitch streamers have mentioned making good money on OnlyFans or similar websites. Amouranth claimed she made more money on her account each month than she did from her actual stream, which is over $1 million per month.

With an average of almost 20,000 viewers per stream and 9.2 million total followers, Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. The 26-year-old has largely moved beyond streaming and become a business mogul by founding OfflineTV, launching her own talent agency, and investing in businesses across the board.

In a recent episode of the “Mizzy Wizzy, Poki Doki Podcast,” hosted by OTK founder Mizkif, Pokimane mentioned the money she could make by starting an OnlyFans.

The streamer’s prediction was met with skepticism because Mizkif thought she might be able to earn even more money. Pokimane explained her hesitation to take the risk by foreseeing such an enormous sum of money.

The co-founder of OTV explained that the discomfort of doing something she dislikes simply outweighs any potential advantages.

Pokimane has repeatedly rejected the possibility of an OnlyFans, but she has now made it clear that no amount of money could influence her choice.