Elon Musk has received some advice over the potential changes to Twitter’s verification mechanism from streaming star Dr Disrespect.

Elon Musk, a South African business tycoon, has finally acquired Twitter after his agreement to buy the social media network fell through in the summer after reaching an estimated $44 billion price. There have been a few rumors concerning alleged modifications to Twitter, particularly in the area of premium membership, in an effort to recuperate some of that money. This includes having the option to purchase a confirmed tick. 

There have also been rumors that verified accounts that already have blue ticks may lose them unless they enroll in the premium services. Naturally, some users are not pleased with that and have begged Musk to reconsider his position or they would stop using the app. Well, Dr. Disrespect has provided some of his own counsel, and it’s safe to say that it’s a typical Doc suggestion.

In response to Musk’s statement that Twitter “must pay the bills somehow” and not just rely on advertisements, he replied, “Let the 2x give you a thought. Allow face scan/retinal scan into a ‘blue check mode’ similar to iPhone unlock through face scan.  But in this case only while scan is active, a tweet is created alongside unique code coinciding with that instance. Lets wake up… Elon.”

If Musk intends to crack down on bots and spam accounts, some supporters said it might work, but others weren’t buying it.  In the early days of his ownership, several content creators gave Musk suggestions, especially after he hinted at the idea of bringing back Vine as well. Who knows, though, what he actually has in store.