With the League of Legends story based in Piltover and Zaun topping Netflix charts, Arcane has taken over living rooms all over the world.

While the show is primarily about sisters Powder (later Jinx) and Vi, the Defender of Tomorrow, Jayce, plays an important role.

Jin, a Filipino cosplayer, was given the opportunity — from Riot itself — to step into Jayce’s shoes at the pinnacle of Piltovan society, and he took full advantage of it.

Jin’s cosplay, a stunning rendition of one of Arcane’s main characters, has wowed League of Legends fans.

No detail has been overlooked as he is dressed up in his rather formal Piltover garb. It’s a perfect recreation of Jayce, with the clean white top, leather armguards, maroon pants, silver trim and buttons.

Jin even had a life-size replica of the Man of Piltover’s Mercury Hammer commissioned, dwarfing the cosplayer even with some photography tricks.

Jin’s magnificent Jayce cosplay is just the right amount of content to whet your appetite for the final release of Arcane Act 3.