Dr Disrespect is one of the community’s most popular streamers. He’s built a massive YouTube empire and is best known for his Call of Duty streams. Doc began his streaming career on Twitch, but after being banned from the site, he moved to YouTube.

Apart from his impressive gaming abilities, he is also well-known for his demeanor, with many fans enjoying his aggression and wit while streaming. Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known online as Dr Disrespect, is well-known for his repulsive and amusing personality.

Fans were taken aback when they saw Doc out of character while golfing. Dr Disrespect has cultivated the image of an aggressive streamer over the years, and fans enjoy watching him play the part. They were surprised, however, when their favorite streamer broke his streaming persona while golfing. A video of him practicing golf with his friends went viral a few days ago, and everyone was taken aback by his appearance.

They saw Doc abandon his persona and seek advice from his friends about his upcoming shot. Furthermore, we noticed him playing virtual golf with his friends while wearing shorts and a hat. Several fans began complimenting Dr Disrespect and stating that he was far superior to most beginners when it came to golf.

Some of his fans praised him for his incredible swing and assured him that he would quickly improve.