Together, Disguised Toast and Pokimane recently streamed their performance of The Quarry.

Disguised Toast thought that one of their Twitch channel moderators may have lost their internet connection, causing the game to load slowly, as they waited for the game to load. When Disguised Toast questioned Pokimane about whether or not she pays her moderators, the conversation quickly changed.

After a brief discussion, it emerged that while the latter frequently paid some of her channel moderators for specific tasks, the vast majority of them were volunteers. Pokimane and Disguised Toast got together to play The Quarry, the newest game from Supermassive Games, during a previous livestream earlier this month.

Disguised Toast made the following claim about his channel moderator just before they loaded into the game, and when he questioned the co-founder of OffineTV about paying her channel’s moderators, the topic of conversation changed.

Pokimane answered that she has a lot of volunteer moderators, but some of them do get paid if she needs something specific done or if they work for a long time, and posed the same query to Disguised Toast, who added that he gives his channel moderators a gift card once every six months in response. Pokimane disclosed that as a sign of gratitude, she also gives her Twitch channel moderators yearly gifts.

More than 110 viewers shared their opinions in the YouTube comment section, which was hopping with fan reactions. Here are some of the most pertinent fan reactions in brief.

The fan opinions were extremely divisive, with some believing Twitch streamers ought to pay their channel moderators for putting in so much effort to keep the chat room civil. Others, meanwhile, emphasized that “99.9 percent” of the streamers fail to compensate their moderators.