When it comes to their attitudes toward different types of viewers they engage with, Toast and Pokimane seem to be on the same page.

They both discussed their perspectives and attitudes regarding viewers who subscribe to their channels against those who do not. Disguised Toast and Pokimane were asked about how much attention they provide to their subscribers and whether this takes precedence over more casual viewers during a recent episode of the OfflineTV podcast. Toast said, “Hell yeah,” and Pokimane concurred, saying, “It’s hard not to,” after Toast.

Disguised Toast jokingly added; “if you’re given $5 a month and you know, everyone else is just leeching free entertainment, f**k those guys.”

Poki followed suit and said how, “they’re not even paying for their damn WI FI and they’re watching from McDonalds.” The two content creators then altered their tone as they gave the query serious consideration. Toast remarks that “some streamers have that mindset. as much as they despise non-subs.

“That’s weird,” agreed Pokimane. “Like have you never not had the money to subscribe? You know what I mean?” Toast then confirming “Yes. But some people just really love money.” Talking about her audience is something Pokimane does pretty often when streaming. The streamer is candid about her experiences with internet trolls and her wish to see people like them held responsible for their derogatory and damaging statements.

Pokimane declared her intentions to pass legislation to safeguard content creators during a broadcast in December 2022. She stated; “I would like to facilitate the creation of legislation that holds people accountable for the actions that they do online. I don’t know if I should get into the details because it might rattle some folks, but yes.”