Twitch streamer and YouTuber Asmongold has reached a major milestone on his YouTube channel: one million subscribers.

Since starting his career in 2019, Asmongold has amassed over 2.8 million Twitch followers, focusing on games like World of Warcraft, Elden Ring, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the year 2020, Asmongold teamed up with Mizkif and a few other Twitch streamers to form One True Kings. His YouTube channel, ‘AsmongoldTV,’ which officially reached one million subscribers on March 1, 2022, runs alongside his Twitch stream. He took to Twitter shortly after reaching the milestone to express his joy.

The creator’s YouTube channel focuses on stream highlights and reaction pieces for the most recent popular MMO. World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, Final Fantasy, and Elden Ring are among the games for which he has uploaded videos.

Asmongold announced on Twitter that he had reached the million-subscriber mark. Since its inception in 2019, AsmongoldTV has amassed over 597 million views and has hosted a number of popular videos. The creator’s most popular video, which has nearly 3 million views, shows Asmongold’s reaction to discovering a bug in WoW Shadowlands.

However, Asmongold isn’t just breaking records on YouTube; on February 11, he blew his Twitch viewer record out of the water. He hosted the top-performing live stream leading up to the global release, with over 400,000 viewers watching at one time, thanks to the developers of Raiders of the Lost Ark giving him early access to the game.

While the streamer’s Twitch, YouTube, and social media platforms continue to grow, he’ll likely hit another major milestone in the near future, and we’ll be there to celebrate with him.