Twitch streamer Amouranth acknowledged a significant collaboration with xQc after making a significant statement about a change in content.

There have been whispers about xQc and Amouranth maybe dating for months. But after kissing NYYXXII live on stream, the former rejected them. Amouranth didn’t miss the opportunity to connect with xQc, though, as she gave him a unique birthday wish. The pair appeared cool ever since, working and streaming as they did best. However, as soon as xQc landed on Amouranth’s most recent stream, he made the decision to shoot again. There, the ASMR queen invited thousands of people from her network to participate in online “Marbles” for fans. In the midst of it, xQc stole the show by posing an intriguing query, let alone a demand she couldn’t refuse. But since Amo likes to add some spice to things, she twisted the request to create a challenge for the YouTuber.

Amouranth held her customary Twitch stream on January 15. She did, however, flip the subject for her admirers by inviting them all to an online game called “Marbles.” With each player sprinting through the finish line, the game has a similar idea to Fall Guys. Based on color, each participant may select the type of marble they wanted. 

And as she was enjoying herself immensely, she happened to notice a sizable visitor joining the stream. It was well-known IRL streamer xQc who entered with a crucial request. It appears that the streamer requested permission from Amouranth to interview her at some point. As users flooded the conversation, the ASMR queen initially did not recognize it was xQc. Once she did, though, she made things interesting for him. Felix initially stated that he would only get the interview if he won the marbles game on her stream. Amo, however, had a different plan in mind when she pressed him to lose in order to receive the prize. To everyone’s amazement, it appeared as though xQc would win the interview even though he had lost the game. Amouranth stated, “xQc lost, so I guess he gets his interview,” to quote him.

After the announcement, Felix grew anxious and began talking to his chat, seeking advice. He had to be at his best since he was about to speak with the queen of Twitch.