Bungie’s revamped Trials of Osiris has discovered an old Destiny 2 matchmaking exploit, and players are desperate for a fix.

Trials of Osiris received a massive overhaul from developer Bungie in another attempt to revitalize the playlist after struggling for more than a year to find its footing inside Destiny 2 — and it appears to have worked out splendidly this time. 

Despite its massive success, Trials ran into a few snags during Season of the Lost’s second weekend, including the resurgence of something most players would rather forget: a game-breaking exploit that grants free wins to the team that uses it. The problem was initially brought to the attention of the Destiny 2 community when a popular content creator that goes by the name ‘GSXRClyde’ released a video of himself and his teammates being cheated of a 5-1 Trials victory by an opposition team who exploited the exploit. 

The streamer’s team noted that the enemy team had started acting abnormally as they prepared to enter the last round of that match. Clyde speculated stating; “Maybe they’re trying to do some funny s**t to not take a loss”.

The streamer and his teammates were immediately removed from the game after receiving a network error message, which was followed by a “match incomplete/early quitter” warning, which was designed for players who purposefully leave a competitive battle before it was completed. Finally, in what should have been a 5-1 blowout in favor of Clyde’s fireteam, the opponent team was handed a free win on a silver platter. 

“[We were up] 4-1 and they sauced us,” Clyde ends the clip by pleading for Bungie to rectify the problem: “We need to fix this, now.”

While sharing the video on Twitter, the creator also tagged Bungie’s main account and a Destiny 2 community manager in an attempt to raise notice of the problem and urge for a rapid repair, with other players reporting that it has appeared again. 

This bug has previously been seen in Destiny 2 (plaguing the Competitive playlist in previous seasons), but this appears to be the first time it’s been seen in the new Trials playlist — and the responses to Clyde’s tweet made it obvious he wasn’t alone. Bungie hasn’t commented on the tweet or otherwise addressed the video as of this writing, but it’s likely that they’ll seek to remedy this vulnerability as quickly as possible to prevent it from happening again during Trials of Osiris battles.