Twitch streamer and co-owner of 100 Thieves Jack Dunlop AKA “CouRage” recently announced that he had uninstalled Warzone. In its place, the streamer says he’ll be playing Fortnite, Halo, Apex, and VALORANT, saying “good riddance” to Warzone and its new Pacific Island-based Caldera map. His decision to leave Warzone was made shortly after he took part in the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

CouRage’s announcement follows the release of Warzone Pacific, which takes place on the new Caldera map. Many players have expressed dissatisfaction with the island map, claiming that it lacks visibility, has too much background noise that obscures footsteps, and that the new loadout drop changes are slowing down the game.

Players will have to wait until later in the match to call in their custom Warzone loadouts thanks to the new loadout drop system. Dr Disrespect, JGOD, Nick Mercs, and others have all criticized this system, claiming that it slows down the game.

Furthermore, the new RICHOCHET anti-cheat system has proven ineffective in preventing hordes of hackers from infiltrating and ruining Warzone matches.

CouRage also took to Twitter two hours before uninstalling Vanguard to complain about the “ridiculous amount of attachments” in the game, claiming that 70+ attachments is too many to process. This is on top of the fact that every Vanguard weapon can use ten attachments at once, making it impossible to consider every possible permutation in comparison to the previous default of five attachments.

CouRage follows in the footsteps of other major influencers such as Nickmercs, who announced his departure from the game earlier this year, stating that he no longer enjoyed it. Since then, Mercs has devoted a significant amount of his on-stream time to Apex Legends.