Square Enix has revealed their plans to ensure the long-term viability of Final Fantasy XIV Online, including an extensive support plan. The company has Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida lay out an intense ten-year plan for Final Fantasy XIV Online during the latest “Letter from the Producer” livestream on Twitch, which you can check out down below, as they intend to add a number of additions to the game in order to keep it active, lively, and evolving with more online RPG experiences. Which players will be able to enjoy solo and multiplayer modes.

This includes, among other things, improving the game’s graphics, which was one of the major topics they discussed. We’ve included the dev notes because it appears that the company has no plans to abandon the MMORPG anytime soon.

The in-game Trust System, which currently allows players to tackle select main scenario dungeons with a party of NPC comrades, will be further expanded starting with Patch 6.1. This feature allows players to progress through the story at their own pace without having to join a party of other players.

Finally, a partial roadmap of new content set to be released in future patches was revealed. This isn’t an exhaustive list; there’s still a lot more unannounced content to come. The Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga came to an end with the release of the critically acclaimed expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but players can expect plenty of new adventures and challenges in the future.