Aydan Conrad or simply Aydan, a Call of Duty superstar known for his astonishingly flawless aiming, may be sent back to the training grounds after this Warzone error.

When the subject of Warzone’s best players comes up, it’s impossible not to highlight Aydan’s achievements. The former Fortnite pro has amassed a fortune as one of the world’s wealthiest Warzone gamers, consistently destroying lobbies with non-meta weapons. Given his achievements in two separate battle royales, he is frequently referred to as the best controller player of all time.

However, as good as he is, he, like the rest of us, makes mistakes that make him appear mortal.

Aydan’s game was set up for him to take home yet another easy dub with a high kill game, with a hefty 10 kills under his belt during his October 8 livestream. He did, however, decide to forego the use of aim assist and simply take down players without assistance.

Despite being aware of his opponent and landing the first few rounds, Aydan’s aim faltered and he was easily defeated. He hurriedly muttered, “Put that back on,” as he ran back to the comfort of aim-assist.

“Yep…Yep,” he continued, his expression betraying a hint of embarrassment.

While this minor hiccup in his otherwise excellent career is unlikely to deter Aydan, he may set aside some time to hone his unassisted aiming skills before trying that one again.