Twitch viewers shower Ranboo with positive messages because of his continued success and an eye reveal for his audience who is used to his face covering.

Several popular Twitch streamers adopt a look that allows them to hide parts of their faces, with some opting to interact with their audiences using an animated VTuber look. Ranboo, a Twitch streamer, recently decided to show part of his face to his audience for the first time, revealing his eyes for the first time, and his audience was extremely receptive to the change.

Ranboo, a popular Minecraft streamer, was opening Pokemon cards during a recent Twitch livestream, and one of his first pulls yielded the exact card he was looking for. Ranboo viewers have grown accustomed to seeing the streamer perform with a face mask and either long hair covering his eyes or dark sunglasses, depending on his hair length. Despite their expectations for a face reveal, his fans were greeted with an eye reveal on stream and on social media platforms such as TikTok.

Although it wasn’t a face reveal, Ranboo’s eye reveal was a vulnerable moment for him, and his Twitch community praised him for his bravery. Some keen-eyed viewers also noticed that Anthony Padilla, a popular YouTube content creator, teased a new video with Ranboo and was taking questions for the Twitch streamer during their day together.

All of these significant changes for Ranboo have prompted his Twitch community to flood him with positive messages on social media.

Minecraft fans who follow Ranboo on Twitch were ecstatic to see the popular streamer team up with Dream, another Twitch streamer. Both Twitch streamers are well-known in the Minecraft community, and their collaboration for a few mini-games has fans wondering who they’ll play with next. Fans of both streamers quickly noticed that Dream and Ranboo work well together in Minecraft’s Parkour Tag and other mini-games, while another rejoiced that Tubbo had finally found a team composition that worked for them.

Ranboo was a member of the Cyan Centipedes, a Minecraft team composed of himself, CaptainSparklez, Sneegsnag, and WilburSoot, during some October Twitch streams. Ranboo recently teamed up with Dream, Tubbo, and Slimecicle as part of the Emerald Elves, which piqued the interest of Minecraft fans even more. Ranboo’s recent collaborations, according to his fans, are a step in the right direction.

Ranboo took to social media to thank his community after receiving positive messages about his appearance and recent endeavors for more than a day. Ranboo claims that his community has changed his life forever, and he’s grateful for the progress he’s made in the last year, from streaming Pokemon card pulls to creating Minecraft content. Tubbo also took a moment to lament the fact that, despite recently being on the same team, Ranboo is still blocked on Twitter by Tubbo.